Monday , September 26 2022

Very strong avalanche risk in the Sesto Dolomites – Chronicle


In the Sesto-Dolomites, as in the Dolomites between Marmolada and Fiera di Primiero, the risk of avalanches is “very strong” (grade 5 out of 5). In the rest of Alto Adige, with the exception of Val d’Adige, it is “strong” (grade 4 of 4). In the most affected regions, 80 to 140 cm of snow fell. In many regions, 60 to 110 cm of snow falls on Sunday, locally even more. To make the situation even more difficult the strong wind from the south which causes accumulation of snow.

The Brenner railway was interrupted – For safety reasons, the Brenner railway line between Bolzano and the state border is interrupted. Since last night, the A22 motorway in the northern direction between Vipiteno and Brennero and the state road in both directions between Colle Isarco and the state border have been blocked. For this reason, Austria cannot currently be reached via the intersection.