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Tsitsipas turns Alex De Minaur into 4 sets

Stefanos Tsitsipas, 20 years old. AFP

Stefanos Tsitsipas, 20 years old. AFP

The Australian demon is trying to resist, but the new Greek god is kissing. Stefanos Tsitsipas beat Alex De Minaur and wins again in Milan, which had happened to him two and a half years ago, in the Bonfiglio Trophy (under 18) by 2016. After the success of the debut release of Korean Hyeon Chung, Next Gen Atp Finals welcomes another possible main character for the summit, which in 2018 proved to be among the great ones. But it tomorrow comes officially in another dimension, with the confidence to take another step. The hardest one who led to the Slam titles. Yes, for the week in the hyper-technology field set at the Rho Fair, Stefanos was ready to work as a primer at one year's height, which saw him lose his first ATP tournament in Stockholm, to only pay back a pair of finals lost against Rafael Nadal, Barcelona and Toronto.

After a difficult start, the Greeks immediately recovered, in addition to the usual heavy battles, also an effective defensive phase. The battle in the third set paved the way for the triumph, the fourth gave him the trophy despite two missed match points with some regrets in the previous game (2-4 4-1 4-3 4-3 points for an hour and 40 minutes). In addition to the victory, the X-shaped trophy that characterizes this event, for him is also the bonus for those who win without ever losing a match. Which, monetized, will be a price of 407 thousand dollars. A figure that tells you better than any technical explanation, apart from the experiments that it brings, is the milanic event far from an exhibition. "I have some wonderful memories in this city – said Tsitsipas during the award ceremony – and repeating Bonfiglios triumph here at Next Gen Atp Finals something incredible. In Milan, I feel at home now and I'm happy because Alex and I played a fantastic match. had twice the chance to win, I feared when I missed the match points but I still managed to close, show me mentally strong. " Lock with a few actions, worth the ones shown on the field: "I thank the judges (who were not odd) and I hope next year the Atpfinals will move from London to Milan so you can strive for the top 10 and come back hit ".

Thus, a second edition of the tournament ended, showing a generation of extraordinary quality, perhaps even higher than the one featured at the 2017 fair, despite the importance of the absence of a showman like the Canadian Denis Shapovalov. A confiscation that was probably the main cause of approximately three thousand tickets less standalone compared with twelve months before (just over 19 thousand against 22 thousand). Without disturbing the two finalists, to tell about the protagonists' potential in the Rho area, you can start from third place by a great talent like Andrey Rublev or a Jaume Munar who – with the help of Rafa Nadal's advice – could be a bird's eye cream for all , especially on the ground and not for fast cement. But even those who do not qualify for the semifinals, we think of the Americans Tiafoe and Fritz, have plenty of time to build an important career. However, to Italy and Liam Caruana is still an experience to remember and the most beautiful point of the week, a backhand dive to make envy Boris Becker.

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