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Tomorrow's Horoscope November 20: Imaginative Aries, Authoritarian Lion

L & # 39;horoscope on Wednesday, the passage of Mars in Scorpio is deepened, which guarantees a new determination, which not only allows Scorpio but also the Pisces, Capricorn, Toro and Cancer to take action without delay and carry out the projects with a new strength. If Luna in Leone offers a new ambitious charge mixed with goodness of heart, Sole is still present in Scorpio for a short time, illuminating and leveling out desires, guaranteeing vitality and intelligence. The following is astrological forecasts character after character.

Wednesdays and Wednesday horoscope

Aries: very positive and imaginative thanks to the influence of the night satellite you will experience love with a great sense of mind but also with an authoritarian attitude. Persistent and intelligent you will greatly improve your field of work.

Taurus: Mars in new astral positions lines up against Uranus and it could release anxiety. The transit will force you to take it out on some people who have previously created obstacles or provoked anger.

Be sure to contain these ego conflicts that can cause excessive irritation in love.

Gemini: the love experiences increase thanks to the presence of Luna dal Leone, which opens a path to the imagination and makes dreams become reality with greater strength. At work, an attitude of leadership will be beneficial to better organize the work.

cancer: a new vitality and an uncontrollable sensuality will be guaranteed by Mars in trigon with lunar nodes that with one eye always focused on the past, it now concretises with boldness.

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A new consciousness awaits nothing but being put into practice, then going to action without delay, you will succeed.

Leone: loving in love but also authoritarian, you will try to dominate your partner by affirming your personality with pride. Emotions and inspiration are also mixed in the workplace and you will apply some brilliant ideas successfully.

Virgin: The Martian star in sextile gives the spirit of initiative in love and guarantees an extra tool to move on in love stories.

Fashion will certainly not fail and even in the workplace, an increase in own merits will go hand in hand with improving their abilities.

Astrological forecast sign by sign

Libra: most proud of Luna very close to her astrological home, you will be passionate and loving love, confirming your presence with attractiveness. In the professional field, success is based on your own abilities that you will let go of dynamically, even though Mars has abandoned you.

Scorpio: Very important with Mars as soon as they hit the mark, you will be passionate and very instinctive, using available weapons to achieve your love or professional goals. You will encounter situations that calmly go straight to the question.

Sagittarius: a little more and Sole comes into the home to illuminate the vital spheres with optimism and joy. In the meantime, you can always count on the presence of Jupiter and Venus who look with love on love and guarantee happiness in the professional field.

Ibex: Marte approached the sign and thus broke an incorrect square to realize the projects that were being interrupted. A new gravel will be beneficial in achieving its goals, attention not to be too aggressive in love.

Aquarius: a negative moon it can lead to an excess of individualism and a pride that threatens the sphere of love. So try to meet your lover's needs more and maybe vent this ambition in the professional field.

Pisces: Expect the new position in Mars in Scorpio which is very advantageous for both work and love. Aware of the risks you expose yourself to without hesitation, you will try to face the problems with a pugnacious attitude that almost touches on "warfare". Be careful not to get caught up in an aggressive energy harmful to love.

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