Sunday , January 17 2021

The stock exchanges today 26 November. The price lists decide on the tops. Auction Bot, prices are still falling

MILANO – Global stock markets are peaking thanks to good results in Asia, while in Europe, in the absence of Wall Street indications closed for Thanksgiving, markets are weak with fractional changes.

The stock exchange in Frankfurt marks -0.01%, Paris gives 0.08% e London ger 0.45%. It also slides negatively Milan which at the end of the session marks -0.46%. In Piazza Affari, the Creval board’s reaction to Crédit Agricole’s takeover was recorded: late yesterday, the Valtellina bank defined the transalpine move as “unexpected” and initiated proceedings to appoint advisers. The stock exchange in Tokyo closed well: the Nikkei index rose 0.91% to 26,537 points. Last night, Wall Street had marked a mixed end with the Dow down 0.58% and back below 30,000 points and the Nasdaq up 0.48%.

“We believe that market growth can still be expanded, reinforced by the positive news about vaccines, through greater political stability in the United States with a peaceful transition (from Trump to Biden, red) and with additional stimuli coming “from central banks, the comment made by Xi Qiao, CEO of UBS Global Wealth Management, to Bloomberg to shape market moments.” We are witnessing a strong “investment” rotation towards cyclical equities and we believe that this trend will continue. “

Today’s macro agenda is quite sparse in meetings, thanks to Wall Street’s closing for Thanksgiving Day. L ‘State tracked a decline of 2.6% in Made in Italy exports outside the European Union in October (-10% per year), while the final balance of services turnover in the third quarter showed a decline of 26.7% during the months of lock-in, while it remains negative at 6.9% per year due to the lack of tourism.

From the protocol fromLast ECB meeting The pressure on the EU institutions is clear: “The importance of the Next Generation EU package was emphasized, as well as the importance of this working without delay”, it reads. The Governors “emphasized the role of national and European fiscal policy in mitigating the effects of the necessary containment measures on the economy” and during the meeting “welcomed the additional fiscal stimulus announced when new fiscal measures were taken. Containment”. On the issue, the Italian Treasury will place half-yearly fines for 6 billion. Yesterday, however, no significant news came from the Fed’s protocol: The US Federal Reserve appears ready to increase bond purchases to support the US economy affected by the consequences of the pandemic more and faster, if necessary, but does not see an immediate need for changes in direction .

L ‘Euro opens higher above $ 1.19. The risk appetite returns to the markets, despite the increase in infections, with the effect of the dollar weakening as a safe haven. The European currency is changing hands to 1.1919 dollars and 124.47 yen. The dollar / yen retreated to 104.34. The spread between BTP and the German Bund, it is slightly expanded in the area of ​​115 basis points and at the end of the day the ten-year return is 0.57%. Treasury has invested 6 billion Half-yearly bots, with falling interest rates. During the auction, demand was very strong and amounted to $ 13.33 billion with a coverage ratio of 2.2. The rate of return fell to -0.518%, a decrease of 4 points from the previous auction.

Among the raw materials is the return in prices of Petroleum with WTI losing 1.5% in the afternoon and standing at $ 45 a barrel.

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