Tuesday , September 22 2020
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the photo profile deception brings users down


WhatsApp profile photo fraudAmong all applications for instant messaging WhatsApp is what everyone chooses to communicate. Given its popularity, it is easy to believe that there are risks associated with its use. The absolute best platform is not immune to fraud. Here is the last section that would jeopardize millions of profiles.

WhatsApp: scammers utilize the image of the ransom profile

continue updates Functional and security as well as stylistic sophistication do not guarantee immunity to fraudulent operations due to measures taken by unscrupulous hackers. WhatsApp makes no exception and is actually encouraged by the fact that it has a background of over one and a half billion users. Promise of Mark Zuckerberg about l & # 39;social association with Facebook and Instagram it will not improve the situation.

Right now cyber criminals are being used subtract the profile photo to contact the people in the address book with one fake profile. Those who are contacted are often encouraged to do so PostePay download to create a situation of temporary financial inaccessibility. This way data is added to the theft fraud which allows them to raise a lot of money from contacts.

There is nothing left to do but to remain on guard and choose to do so view the profile picture just to contacts in the phonebook. In this way, in case of problems, we will have the opportunity to narrow the field and thereby identify the potential evil. We can do that from App settings interferes with the options in the mail Account> Privacy> Profile Image. Have you ever had any problems? Leave us your personal testimony.

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