Tuesday , September 22 2020
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the message from the Ministry of Health


"Cross contamination from the Late Pallergy". This is the reason that led health Ministry to remember "Type 00 Bio soft wheat flour" of the brand BONGIOVANNI SRL for the risk of allergens. The product is specifically sold in packs of 1 kg, 5 kg and 25 kg. The recalled lot is the number 00FT0019 / 0702 while the expiry date is 22-02-2020. The product is manufactured by Iftea s.r.l. at the factory at Via Cà del Vento 35 in Bagnacavallo, a populous city in Romagna located in the province of Ravenna. So being allergic to mustard is exposed to a high risk of side effects that can even cause an anaphylactic shock. The note is on the specific web space for the same ministry.

This is not the first call for an allergen. Already this happened a few days ago with the Benesì Coop brand cocoa-variegated white-glass package, with a US-made chili pepper sauce and with withdrawals from the market for the organic spelled flour with the brand “Lo contegami” for the presence of soy that is not declared on the label and some lots of classic salami, the taste of Italy and Salametto di Fiorucci, again due to the possible presence of traces of milk not listed on the label. Previously, it was fortunate to have a few pies from the Le Dolci brand Passions proved unsuitable for the consumption of people who are allergic to milk and in July of the blown painted Vivibio Mile.

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