Friday , July 1 2022

the knots who shared the government


Once the rock has been maneuvered and waiting to understand how the government's financial proposals will be rejected, League and 5 Star Movement They have to deal with the differences in parliament on two other fronts: the Security Decree – considered "right" by some pentastell actors – and the reform of the recipe strongly desired by the minister Bonafede and contested by Carroccio.

A conflict for now only at a distance, as the two vice premiers are abroad (Salvini in Ghana and Di Maio in China). Waiting for a crucial face to face – scheduled for tomorrow night – with the leaders of the two majority parties, it appears that tomorrow, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has called the Justice Minister Alfonso Bonafede to understand the strategy to be implemented.

On the 5 Star front, the line does not change: lo stop the recipe after the first degree "is in the government contract", although the Count will try to play the role of mediator between the two souls' executive.

At the same time, the "incriminated" amendment has been withdrawn and presented substantially identically. The suspicion is that a technical and formal question may have caused fear of illegality in its first wording.

For its part, it seems that League has put forward some suggestions on the table, including the possibility of eliminating the preliminary hearing for certain crimes to reduce costs and time and the possibility of other crimes to extend the time of the recipe to ensure that the processes are not "interrupted".

However, in Carroccio he fitsirritation for the attitude of the pentastellate that intends to reform the recipe scheme with an amendment without going through a council of ministers. From Via Bellerio they find it difficult that this might blow the government. The risk – says Lega sources – is that the 5 stars can find an agreement with the Democratic Party.

Furthermore, the issue of the Senate remains to be decided in the Senate dl security, which weighs "veto" by four grillini senators (Nugnes, Fattori, De Falco and Mantero). To solve the problem, the government seems to be confident, but the subject has been postponed until tomorrow, hoping to find an agreement. The majority took time but should not change position. He is working on a maximization where some actions may not be revised but not undermining the law's establishment. This means that the narrow humanitarian protection and asylum seekers refugee system does not return. For the league, in reality, it is not in danger of danger. Because if you decide not to lock the text, you would get the votes from Brothers of Italy and maybe even Forza Italy.

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