Tuesday , August 16 2022

The campaign against influenza began, advised Paolucci "promoter" of the vaccine in Chieti


the influenza campaign by Asl Lanciano Vasto Chieti began Wednesday. Among the first to be vaccinated, the Regional Council for Abruzzo Health Care is vaccinated Silvio Paolucci, that yesterday morning became immortal during the vaccination in the clinic via Valignani in Chieti.

"It should happen without doubt," he said, confirming the need to undergo the flu

"The feeling is that the choice of vaccination is influenced every time of information level and risk perception – commented Paolucci – In terms of risk, we know that you can die of flu, especially if you belong to a category at risk, like elderly, immunosuppressed, diabetic or suffering from chronic diseases, cardiopulmonary species. Therefore, dramatic consequences or serious complications can be avoided with a simple vaccination, which is a valuable opportunity to protect their health. "

Paolucci urges doctors to encourage the influenza campaign by advising all patients and "correctly informing their clients about the efficacy and safety of the vaccine, which only gives an important safety: it works and saves lives". I would like – he concluded – that this became a largely acquired data and that our share of vaccination in our region could increase significantly, which in addition to the risky categories is strongly recommended to all. "

CH-2 vaccine campaign

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