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Tennis Next Generation, Tsitsipas wins the final

Stefanos Tsitsipas. Getty

Stefanos Tsitsipas. Getty

The last service. Stefanos Tsitsipas reaches Alex De Minaur in the decisive match for Next Gen Atp Finals 2018 after a hard fight against battles and nerves against Andrey Rublev. The 20-year-old Greek takes his second semifinal in the evening with a score of 4-3 3-4 4-0 2-4 4-3, five sets of pure adrenaline culminating in the crucial partial tie. And believing that Tsitsipas seemed to have the situation in hand when he, before two matches, had taken the opponent's service at the start of the fourth match. And yet, when it seemed to have been done, it was the service that betrayed it. Before the semifinal he had won 29 of the 30 rounds serving at the 1-rally at the Milan-Rho Fair, driving the 8 best in the world as well as the ratio of granted and saved breakpoints (8 of 9). In the second part of the match against Rublev things have changed. Without that weapon, which is important for scoring and easing the pressure emanating from the Russian field-based battle, Tsitsipas has a big risk.

"It seemed to be on a roller coaster – said Greek after the match -: I met a very good opponent and I put myself, I became nervous when I lost the service at that moment maybe more sensitive." The game has not been lost, but the head s: when the end of the fourth set of crazy has broken the headset used to talk with the coaches between a field change and the other. In the group's three games, Tsitsipas lost only one set, against Rublev, he lost two, but managed to save himself. Never easy against Russian. The two had met once, in January 2017, and when Andrey won. At the same time, Tsitsipas grew up: he won the first title in Stockholm and had previously reached two finals between Barcelona and Toronto (both lost to a certain Rafa Nadal). Also, in Canada, takes the whim to become the youngest in tennis Atp to beat 4 top 10 in just one week.

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At the decisive battle to award the trophy in the form of "X", Korean Hyeon Chung (then semifinalist at the Australian Open 2018), Tsitsipas and Di Minaur, with two similar similar roads was made by a dominance almost incontestate in each group (both have lost only one set in three round robin games); both played 5 sets in the semifinal. On Friday night, some physical and mental energies left the field. But given the amount of talent – and the format that leaves no room for infinite marathon – Saturday night, the exhibition is guaranteed.

Alex De Minaur (Aus) b. Jaume Munar (Spa) 3-4 4-1 4-1 3-4 4-2; Stefanos Tsitsipas (Gre) b. Andrey Rublev (Rus) 4-3 3-4 4-0 2-4 4-3.

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Final 3/4 place: Jaume Munar – Andrey Rublev (19.00); Final: Stefanos Tsitsipas – Alex De Minaur (21.00). Live TV on SuperTennis.

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