Wednesday , May 18 2022

Suspected case of meningitis in Modenese – Emilia-Romagna


Hospital in intensive care seems to be the risk of infection excluded

Suspected case of bacterial meningitis in Modena, where a 67-year-old resident of the health field Mirandola in hospital is placed in a serious state at the hospital. The report, informs Ausl, arrived yesterday afternoon at Public Hygiene Service. The patient had been taken to the emergency room Mirandola on Thursday 8 with symptoms that required admission.
The increase of the clinical image, yesterday he was transferred to the Department of Infectious Diseases at Policlinico and followed further aggravation, he was admitted to intensive care.
The first laboratory tests exclude meningococcal meningitis and thus the risk of infection, but pending confirmation of the analysis, the antibiotic prophylaxis is closing contacts with the patient, health workers and Blåkorset who have assisted and two patients of Mirandola.


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