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OROSCOPO PAOLO FOX / Predictions today 5 November 2018: Libra Luna in the sign, Scorpio good Jupiter



L & # 39;horoscope of Paolo Fox He also returns for today, November 5, 2018, to LatteMile's microphones. Let's see the forecasts sign with the sign. the The wave Starting a Monday with the moon on the sign, this is positive but there is a very complicated relationship in the workplace. Perhaps you are in a workplace where there is a lot of competition. Lately we have to use diplomacy to solve tensions, but sometimes it is not enough and we must try to be as clear as possible. We could live an important week, but we must have the strength and intelligence to handle different situations, even in terms of the future. the Scorpio From Friday there is an excellent transit of Jupiter. The planet will be in the sky of many signs and will have a positive effect even if it is not directed at the sign. Friday and Saturday will surely be among the best. We need a big energy, we must be strong and some feelings, for love, something really beautiful can come back.

the Leo start a week with a challenge, the character loves challenges and challenges yourself. What the past has blocked now can be arranged. Fortunately, you are used to obstacles and every time you get over something you feel even stronger and can overcome everything. Those who, in some sense, had fought, feel much stronger. If someone has not become aware of love, he will realize that he has lost so much. the Virgin It goes through a reflection period and must recover the energy it has lost. We are able to make a speech "or with me or against me" with some people. This is especially true of those who have created difficulties earlier. Often there is a risk of somatization problems arising from an external situation. We must be very careful in sentimental situations. There will be a lot of news for those looking for meetings.

the Gemini In this phase, they have to introduce certain things and often damage does not depend so much on neglect without situations caused by external problems. There are those among those born under this sign must handle errors caused by completely unpredictable reasons. At the level of emotion, the sky does not seem to promise anything new. Someone may now try to figure it out with someone will work or not. the cancer It is in a moment of great weight, but from Wednesday fortunately it can be restored. The days of Monday and Tuesday are characterized by a certain weight falling on the shoulders. As of Friday, the planet Jupiter will no longer be the life administrator, so the games will be done. There are agreements to be reviewed and who works in a time-limited manner or in a conversation must change the contract next spring.

L & # 39;Aries living a very important week, from Friday, actually the planet Jupiter begins a transit on the sign. Certainly, the stars are not as fiscal as you think beautiful things may happen today or after the fixed date. But at least Jupiter also helps if this moon in opposition creates any problems. You have to do many things and now it is not possible to get everything to work for five days. However, it's important to know that something new is right this week. the Taurus He really wants changes and transformations. Some have already acted while others are insecure. It's usually very slow, but when you make a decision nobody can move. You can make changes of some kind, in some cases you must get to the limit before you decide to change.

the Capricorn He lives a hard day, the simple things never meet. It always takes a long time to better express what you think. Nowadays, there must be some problems that occurred at home or in the family. Attention to face things with superficiality or with little attention, maybe it's time to live everything with a little calm attempt to dose things to do. Soon there may be answers if there is someone ready to understand what is being sought. aquarium Starting with a very interesting week on Monday. As of Friday, a recovery begins, but so far there have been many expenses and even problems. It has been difficult times but now we can finally turn the page. One has to be very careful about health.


Let's live now signs flop after Paolo Fox's horoscope on LatteMiele. For cancer This is a heavy moment that creates difficulties. You can not live in a balanced way and you risk making mistakes. the Virgin The winner goes into a period where it will be necessary to make any reflections and reach goals. The risk is to somatize certain problems that come from an external situation to find outbreaks, with some problems difficult to handle. For Leo It's a challenging week to test yourself. There is a high risk of getting any problems, paying attention to the mistakes that can be made and it can lead to question marks. Attention to sentimental situations, soon some news could come in front of some interesting meetings. We must not make quick choices.


We have now carefully analyzed those who are being considered top grade for the horoscope today, November 5, 2018. Aries Growing and preparing to live a week, it's certainly more interesting than just finished. The right forces could soon arrive to achieve the results. Jupiter helps if the moon gets sidelined. the The wave The moon is on the plate and can achieve excellent results. Some have problems at work, but with the optimism in this period you can get some amazing results. Need diplomacy and the desire to solve some tensions, now it's time to turn the page in front of situations that some consider mistakes. For Sagittarius It is an important week that lives on the arrival of Jupiter on the sign. We need to live the planet intelligently and take advantage of the potential it can provide.

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