Saturday , June 25 2022

Operation between Catanzaro and Lamezia: 14 arrests Legislature and politics, former parliamentarians


CATANZARO – Twenty-four orders of precautionary measures were reported today by the financial police against certain persons living in Catanzaro and Lamezia Terme. These are exposures for a group of people and public administrators. A former parliamentarians also came under house arrest. In total there are 12 people in prison and 12 under house arrest.

In addition, the security guard carried out assets of EUR 10 million. The "Quinta Bolgia" operation was carried out by the soldiers of the Financial and Financial Police Department of the Catanzaro Financial Guard, coordinated and directed by Procura della Repubblica di Catanzaro, supported by Scico di Roma.

The details of the operation will be illustrated by prosecutor Nicola Gratteri, assistant prosecutor Vincenzo Capomolla, by Catanzaro provincial director, brigadier Davide Rametta, and by the commander of Rome Scico Brigadier General Alessandro Barbera.

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