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Municipal elections in Sardinia 2020: the mayors elected in the municipalities are called to vote. Vote in Nuoro and Porto Torres [NOMI e DETTAGLI]

27 October 2020 00:04

Municipal elections in Sardinia 2020: the bill ended in almost all municipalities, here are the elected mayors. Vote in Nuoro and Porto Torres

Municipal elections Sardinia 2020- The count of the municipalities called to vote on the island on Sunday and Monday is coming to an end. In 97% of cases, small municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants voted, but voters also went to the polls in four cities with more than 15,000 inhabitants: Sant’Elena Quarter, Sestu, Porto Torres e Nuoro (under all results), the only provincial capital present in these elections. In four municipalities Talana, Belvì, They arise, Seneghe no list was presented.

We voted with all the necessary precautions. The City Council of Sardinia had been suspended and postponed due to Covid 19 (that would be due to a vote in March), although today there are many more cases than 7 months ago. This situation makes us understand that with regard to Coronavirus, in addition to the necessary preventive and health-promoting activities, everything is a psychological issue. We must accept that in order to avoid infection, there is very little to do, net of distancing, hygiene and masks that can help us a little but really are not enough to solve the problem.

Sardinia’s municipal elections: in Nuoro vote between Soddu and Sanna

In the only provincial capital in the ballots in this round of municipal elections in Sardinia, it will go to the vote a Nuoro between the resigning mayor of Nuoro Andrea Soddu (29.01%) and the center-right candidate Pietro Sanna (24.46%). The other candidates for mayor are very independent.

Municipal elections Sardinia: the mayors elected in the province of Cagliari

Here are the mayors elected in the province Cagliari in this round of local elections in Sardinia 2020: a Maracalagonis victory of Francesco Fadda, a Seventh St. Peter becomes mayor Gian Luigi Puddu, a Uta Giacomo Porcu wins. Marina Madeddu is the new mayor of Villa San Pietro. A Weather in Quartu Sant’Elena likely vote between center-right candidate Christian Sevelli (44.82%) and Graziano Milia 37.44%. The other candidates are far behind. TO Sit down victory in the first round of Maria Paola Secci, candidate for mayor of the center-right.

Municipal elections Sardinia: the mayors elected in the province of Oristano

Here are the mayors elected in the province Oristano in this round of local elections in Sardinia 2020: advertisement Abbasanta wins election Patrizia Carta, ad Could winner Antonio Pili. Giuseppe Minnei is the first first citizen of Solo, advertisement Asuni Gionata Petza wins. TO Fordogianus victory of Serafino Pischedda, a Mogoro Donato Caus wins. TO Montestra wins Salvatore Salis. Salvatore Cau is the new mayor of Neoneli. A Tadasuni do not vote because the 50% quorum has not been exceeded. To Arborea the new mayor is Manuela Pintus, a Masullas Ennio Vacca wins. TO Fordongianus victory of Serafino Pischedda while a Flow winner Giovanni Antonio Zucca. TO Paulilatino victory of Domenico Gallus, a Busachi Giovanni Orrù, a Gonnosnò Ignazio Peis. A Laconi wins Salvatore Argiolas, a San Vero Milis the new mayor is Luigi Tedeschi. Weather in Santu Lussurgiu vince Diego Loi while a Weather in Villa Sant’Antonio the first citizen is Fabiano Frongia.

Municipal elections Sardinia: the mayors elected in the province of Sassari

Here are the mayors elected in the province Sassari in this round of local elections in Sardinia 2020: Annons Aggius victory of Nicola Muzzu, a Bessude winner Roberto Marras, a Bortigiadas becomes mayor Nicolò Saba. TO Giave victory of Gian Mario Chessa, Massimiliano Manca becomes mayor of Laerru. A Nulvi victory of Antonello Cubaiu. TO Perfugor wins John Philip. A Romanian becomes mayor Lucia Catte, a Bottidda elected mayor Ivo Nieddu. TO Sant’Antonio di Gallura wins the election Carlo Duilio Viti. TO rye Giovanni Porcheddu becomes mayor. A Berchidda winner Andrea Nieddu, a Bolt Daniele Arca’s victory. TO Monti Emanuele Mutzu is the new mayor. TO rye victory of Giovanni Porcheddu, a Ittireddu Franco Campus, till Bonnanaro Giovanni Antonio Carta. TO Zero winner Antonio Giuseppe Mellino, a Osilo victory of Giovanni Ligios, a Tergu the first citizen is Luca Ruzzu. A Valledoria Marco Muretti’s victory, a Cossoine winner Sabrina Sassu, a Oschiri the first citizen is Roberto Carta. TO Pattada Angelo Sinis seger, a Santa Teresa Gallura vince Nadia Matta. A Viddalba victory of Gavino Oggiano while a Tempus Pausania the new mayor is Giannetto Addis. TO Porto Torres runoff between Alessandro Pantaleo from center-right (38.95%) and one between Massimo Mulas from center-left (25.28%) and Franco Satta (25.03%).

Municipal elections Sardinia: the mayors elected in southern Sardinia

Here, the mayors are elected in the southern part of Sardinia in this round of the 2020 local elections: advertisement Escolca elected to Eugenio Lai while a Ussaramanna was elected Marco Sideri. TO Tuili vince Andrea Locci. A Villanova Tulio null vote because the quorum of 50% has not been exceeded. TO Pavilion winner Riccardo Sanna, a Burcei Simone Monni. TO Serdiana victory of Maurizio Cuccu, a Dolianova vince Ivan Piras, a Lunamatrona Italo Carruciu, a Museums Sasha Sais, her Orroli Alessandro Boi. A Ortacesus the new mayor is Maria Carmela Lecca while a San Basilio Albino Porru. A Santadi Concept of power, a Silius Anthony force. Villamassargia wins Debora Porrà, ad Arbus Andrea Concas wins. TO Guspini the new mayor is Giuseppe De Fanti while a Sanluri victory Alberto Urpi, a Gonnosfanadiga Andrea Floris wins. TO Giba the new mayor is Andrea Pisanu while a Goni and Emanuela Guggeri. A You send Umberto Oppus seger, a Ussana victory of Emidio Contini. TO Villanovafranca seger Matteo Castangia, a Villaputzu Sandro Porcu is the new mayor

Municipal elections Sardinia: the mayors elected in the province of Nuoro

Here are the mayors elected in the province of Nuoro in this round of the 2020 municipal elections Sardinia: a Birori elected mayor Silvia Cadeddu while a Lodè Antonella Canu. While a Gonnostramatza elected first citizen Maria Agnese Abis. To Aritzo null vote because the quorum of 50% has not been exceeded. To Atzara vince Alessandro Corona. A Loceri victory of Gianfranco Lecca, while a lei winner Luigi Cadau. A Noragugume elected mayor Rita Zaru. To Olzai victory of Mary Magdalene Agus, ad Olifai victory of Luca Monne. Antonio Doneddu is the first citizen of Osidda. Francesco Usai becomes mayor of Ussassai. A Gairo victory of Sergio Lorrai, a Tiana winner Pietro Zedda. TO Desulo the new mayor is Giovanni Cristian Melis, ad Your hand Vitale Pili is the new first citizen. To Ilbono Giampietro Murru is the new mayor, a Urzulei Ennio Or, a Bortigali Francesco Caggiari. TO Gavoi Salvatore Lai wins while a Tonara Pierpaolo Sau is the new mayor.

Municipal elections Sardinia: some countries remain without mayors because they do not reach the quorum

In the local elections 2020 Sardinia some countries remain without mayors. In fact, they remain without a guide Aritzo, Villanova Tulo e Tadasuni for failing to reach the quorum.

Municipal elections Sardinia: the first citizens elected in Pau and Nurachi

Other mayors elected in the province of Oristano: a Nurachi elected Mayor Renzo Ponti while a Pau Alessia Valente. TO Curcuris elected mayor Raffaele Salvatore Pilloni.

Municipal elections Sardinia, Bidonì and Ula Tirsu were elected mayors

First mayor elected Sardinia in this round of the 2020 local elections Can Ilaria Seen and a Ula Tirso Danilo Cossu.

Municipal elections Sardinia, the final turnout at 15

Urns closed in 156 municipalities in Sardinia called to vote to renew the mayor and city council. He was born in 59.58% the final turnout at 3 p.m. on the island.

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