Monday , September 26 2022

monthly increases come for these users


WindTre Unlimited 200

WindTre, although in a very proportionate way compared to previous years, it has also in 2020 presented rising costs for a number of its subscribers. Especially between summer and autumn, some subscribers have received news for Reconstruction on monthly costs of rechargeable options.

A very special scenario, for example, was for customers with an active version or variant of MY Special edition. WindTre has decided to concentrate most of its monthly cookies at these prices.

WindTre, the big increases in 2020: up to 4 euros more for these offers

Its costs increase with MIA Special Edition they became official as early as the beginning of autumn. Many WindTre subscribers were therefore asked to increase the cost of the monthly renewal of the reference campaign. As compensation for the price increases, however, the manager has also anticipated one in this circumstance modification for consumption thresholds.

With a further change of pace from the past MIA Special Edition they did not have a fixed click. For subscribers, based on the campaign version, a variable conversion has been prepared: from a few euro cents up to the maximum threshold of 4 euros. When it comes to in consumption, these have increased in proportion to prices.

The cost changes for MIA Special Edition were the most important increases in the WindTre price list for this year 2020. For transparency, the manager of course announced the change to all users through some Informative SMS.

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