Wednesday , May 18 2022

Monchi: «Condition away on loan? Voice that makes you laugh »


ROMA "I will stay in Rome until society's trust and property is what I feel today. "Thus Monchi, ds off Rome, comments rumors about his passage to Barcelona. "I pray that they stop talking about my release – continues – I have no desire to leave, I'm happy here. I think I need to improve my work for better, my only idea is to stay here on time ".

As for alleged consultation with San Fernando, "It's my country, where I was born as a player when I was little, it's got nothing to do with professional football, it's a bit of a heart, it's a small but big team for me, nothing to do with my profession". Finally, the hypothesis of a loan in January for Schick: "They are voices that make me laugh, we have so much faith in him ".

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