Tuesday , June 22 2021

ministerial plan, anti-measles and rubella to 800 thousand young people

Rome, November 15 (AdnKronos Health) – Vaccinate 800,000 young people and young adults against measles and rubella, of which at least half a million already 2019. This time without any form of obligation but through an incentive to agree with schools and sports facilities . This is the plan that the Ministry of Health works with, as explained by AdnKronos Salute Vittorio Demicheli, coordinator of the independent vaccine table, which Minister of Health, Giulia Grillo wanted. As regards the timing, he stressed: "We set ourselves the goal of granting the approval at the state and regional conference at the end of January, hoping to arrive there, as we already had a joint dialogue with responsibility with other relevant institutions. ".

According to Demicheli, "at best, we can strive to vaccinate in 2019 at least 60% of this measles sensitive population, consisting of 20-30 year olds who have not been vaccinated as a child or have not had the disease, get out of the state of endemic in our country. The vaccine that will be used primarily is the only one available, one against measles rubella mumps. We want to offer vaccination by all means, because obviously vaccinating young people and young adults requires strategies a little detail. "

"The instrument of immunization focused on the youngest, the compulsory education with the threat of school leadership – the expert states – in these bands is not effective".

"The thought – continues Demicheli – is to do everything possible to reach this population, create a plan that contains a list of commitments from anyone who can compete: universities can offer the vaccine when registering, the same places where driving licenses are obtained or renewed with someone form of incentive that we evaluate ".

"We must make all institutions involved in this goal – insists the expert – to blame for everything" no wax "sounds like an absolute responsibility from the institutions' responsibility." Incentives instead of the obligation "because I would like a good and positive image of health and I do not feel that the state says" well you've been vaccinated. "

"I'm sure he must stop trying to vaccinate the school world because if the children are immunized and then find a 25-year-old teacher who is susceptible to measles in the class, we will ask the schools to explore tools to achieve the goal: Who controls the world studying the tools he has at his disposal to achieve our goal. "

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