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Minister Toninelli Clenched The Fist And The Head Of The 5 Stars Turns Out: What Did He Do This Time?

They do not believe in it. But what does that fist mean? No, not possible – thinking about the grill communication – he still combines another. Soon one Giggino warns (do not understand if there is love or otherwise: however, Rocco Casalino does not see any freedom if they take).

Forget now that Luigi Di Maio, who is from Floris or Formigli all smiles and white teeth, all elegant, polite: when it gets angry, words like leaf, the Neapolitan influence, increase as well.
And now he's angry. Ugly.
They only tell him: Toninelli.
Di Maio: Holy heaven, what did this time?
That is explained.
And nothing: Immediately after the approval of the decree of Genoa, Danilo Toninelli – the friend (ex-friend) who wanted to settle the transport and infrastructure wizard – in the hall of the Palazzo Madama began to cheer on a breakdown vulgarly indecent. A rider who sees his horse win in the competition room: wings his arm outstretched, his fist closed (as for appearance, dumbbirth: unfortunately it's always, firm and unchanging).

Nobody remembers ever seeing anything like this happen government banks. Even the opposition, even the party of the Democratic Party, has a strong shot: and they jump on their feet and shout indignantly. This too, shame, go away, fool. The leader of Forza Italia, Anna Maria Bernini: Never let you raise a fist in this room! Matteo Renzi, at some point, has to even go down the home cycle to calm down a senator.
A pit. President Maria Elisabetta Casellati was forced to cancel the session.

And Toninelli, meanwhile, what does it do?
You look around.
What is so serious?
Can not even be delighted? – seems to be surprised by the ruling colleague Barbara Lezzi who is sitting next to him and who, as you know, knows things at 370 degrees, maybe he understood something more.
No, not expected a minister challenges cos. The images will, in a matter of minutes, open all websites. The news rolls online, in a mixture of anger and irony, hard irony. In addition, Toninelli – dubbed the site Dagospia Tontinelli – already becomes a classic: they mimic Maurizio Crozza (I have two brains, I connect them with a tunnel), Luca Bizzarri (With the heart about Aosta's bridge), Gene Gnocchi (In the new Alitalia, passengers will decide who the pilot l & # 39; plane).

Luigi Di Maio a little angry puma. Nobody knows how to report what They are just talking on the phone with Davide Casaleggio, but it is obvious that Casaleggio considers him responsible for considering Toninelli who may be a minister. Screaming phrases partially unreparatable – the source swears, he has never looked so annoyed – Di Maio makes him see it as a day of potential positive propaganda, with the approval of the highly anticipated decree for Genoa – although it contains the huge giant condon of the island Ischia – became another mediocre tragic side for 5 Star Movement.

Group leader Stefano Patuanelli tries to add a piece: It was just a small gesture of cheers. Then they call Toninelli. You've made a mess, you're a mess, now you're trying to make it clear. He, diligently, at the first camera he meets, explains: I was looking forward to Genoese. But a declaration that disappears in his epocal is getting high – for now they are a lot. Tugs are traded for cruisers, laughter by Vespa in front of the model of the newly-collapsed Genoa bridge, selfie macabri, the belief that at Brenner there is a tunnel that runs every day by hundreds of trucks.
Tony Nulla, Tony Nelly. On Twitter they write about everything. There is true perfection. An interview returns Panoramic Last summer, he explains that he saw the ocean for the first time at 16 o'clock. A former employee of an insurance company, he specialized in settling claims. Imagine a world where you go by train and bikes. He has two children aged 5 and 7: Soleste and Leonida. Suns a name as we invented myself and my wife.
Some time ago, they saw him walking fast.
The head is bent.
Absorbed, we can say (it did not seem like a joke)

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