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Men and women, Ruth, former Ivan Gonzalez, warn the perpetrators: "be careful"


The adventure of Ivan Gonzalez on the throne of Men and women has not yet begun, but there are already many Gossip which circulates around the boy and his turbulent past on television. Ruth Basauri, former girlfriend of the young and the tronist in the Spanish version of the format Maria De Filippi, warned those who go to the former "frustrer" to date -How of Canale 5.

The fact is that in an interview with "Il Vicolo delle News" the former main role "Mujeres y Hombres" told the whole background of his secret report with Ivan.

Ruth tells the story of Ivan Gonzalez's past in U & D in Spain

The arrival of Ivan Gonzalez to the classical throne for men and women has made the other man turn his nose.

In fact, the public does not seem very convinced of the election of the editorial board to transfer the throne to a person who has previously "played dirty " to the Iberian edition of the program.

To tell in detail how the boy has treated his first experience from tronista (in the format "Mujeres y Hombres") was Ruth Basauri, former face known for the Spanish broadcast, and most recently official girlfriend by "colleague" by Andrea Cerioli.

Interviewed with the blog "Il Vicolo delle News," the young woman said in the beginning Ivan was a company of his in the Spanish show when, upon the invitation of the program's editors, he agreed to sit in the red armchair to look for the grandparents.

"To sit close to the throne was terrible for that we had a relationship outside"Ruth revealed before saying that it was she who told the whole truth before the cameras after two months spent between lies and lies.

"My decision to tell me everything in the program was the easiest way to get rid of him." It was not easy to trick everyone to be like a crazy woman in love with Spain, when he said he was just in love with me, even though he denied it in front of the cameras, "added the young woman in her outbreak.

Ivans ex informs future leaders: "It can be a disappointment"

After telling the details of the secret deal with Ivan while they were on the throne "Mujeres and Hombres" Ruth Basauri has shifted his attention to the consideration he has today about Gonzalez: "Who can give fame and popularity suits him, just think he did not want to leave the throne, but he did not want to leave me either." Thundered the young man.

Spanish ended its outbreak by launching one message to all women who decide to go to court the former temptation island miss [VIDEO] in the Channel 5 program: "They must be very careful, as it may be their disappointment in their lives."

As revealed by the former U & D Spanish Tronist, we will see some good in the coming weeks. It is actually known that the classic throne recently welcomed Ivan Gonzalez and Andrea Cerioli [VIDEO] for a limited period: both must in fact find a soul mate at the end of February 2019, supported by Valeria Marini, employed as a party planner of the event that formalizes the boys' involvement with their respective choices.

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