Tuesday , July 27 2021

"Men and Women", Maria De Filippi: "I do not trust anyone sitting on the throne"

Lorenzo Riccardi has been the subject of several criticisms in the study of "Men and women"especially because his behavior did not appear to be very transparent, even in the eyes of Maria De Filippi. The Tronist actually contacted, with the approval of the editorial board, a girl who had hit him outside the program to ask if she wanted the court. However, the young woman in question, after reflection for several days, decided to reject the proposal. No wonder, if it were not, Lorenzo went straight to the place where the girl works with some friends and also exchanges a chat with her.

When they talked about the matter, the Tronist said that he did not do anything wrong and asked Maria: "Do you think you and I agree? From what you see?" To which the rapporteur replied, "Look Lorenzo, I no longer leave any hand on fire on who is sitting there. I would have added it last year. "Then he continued:" I no longer trust my sensations", Referring to the story of the former tronist Sara Affifella, as Mary had trusted, but as then turned out to be one disappointment.

Throughout her journey to "Men and Women," Sara has actually been dominated by several leaders, including her choice: Lorenzo Mastroianni. In fact, the girl was still engaged with her ex Nicola Panico, who agreed to pretend to have left her thinking about the popularity and economic benefits that she would have received thanks to the throne.

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