Saturday , December 5 2020

Mandic: from Tuesday break to non-urgent hospital stays, medicine A and pneumology transformed into Covid. Hell in March is feared

As we had expected the strategy for the territorial social and health enterprise in Lecco to distribute Mandisk “Covid free” protection has already expired. The spread of the pandemic has caused the blockage of Manzoni, a hub hospital, where the beds intended for the treatment of the infected are now saturated. As of October 24 in intensive care and sub-intensive care, infectious disease, medicine for a total of 97 beds, only 3 were still free.

To meet the second wave, Mandic must also open certain departments. The crisis unit coordinated by the hospital’s health director Valentina Bettamio decided to reorganize the hospital. Medicine “A” is already being converted into a Covida ward with 33 beds in double rooms. The semi-intensive Inrca, 6-bed pneumology for Covid patients is also being transformed.

Doctor Stefano Crespi and doctor Daniele Colombo

But this does not seem to be enough. In accordance with regional directives, Mandic also canceled all hospitalization scheduled for tomorrow morning, Tuesday, October 27, and ensured only urgent and non-emergency activity. This is to make other beds available.
The call to doctor Bettamio to all care staff and care staff is to provide maximum availability to primary of the departments involved in the transformation, Stefano Crespi from medicine and Daniele Colombo from Pneumology Inrca for the possible transfer of patients from their hospital areas to make them available to Covid patients.
In short, we are ready, as in March. With the hope that this time all staff will be equipped with absolutely guaranteed individual protection. Another chain infection would not be acceptable even among healthcare professionals who will have to sacrifice themselves to save coronavirus patients.

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