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Mancini's Italy is monstrous: incredible 9-1 to Armenia


A & # 39;Record Italy beatArmenia in Palermo and wins with a crazy result of 9-1, which was not seen 1948 Olympics (when the opponents were the United States). And that's not all because the records for the national team are also recorded the river wins in a row and ten just in the 2019 calendar year: such a thread is unique in Azzurri history. Go online Ciro Immobile and Nicolò Zaniolo (double for both), then Barella, Romagnoli, Jorginho, Orsolini and Chiesa.

And so there is to review the many magic of the boys being trained Roberto Mancini, which during the course of the match will find also the way to get angry for some ease (two by Bonucci in defense and one by Immobile, who swallows another goal just in front of the goalkeeper). But they are just subtlety in front of a team there two years ago these days there were nonelanding at the World Cup and now it's completely rediscovered.

The score is unlocked after 8 minutes: building he marks his head with an amazing assistant from the church. Not even 60 seconds e Zaniolo he doubled up by jumping into the hallway released by Immobile to beat goalkeeper Airapetyan. Immobile devours the set and Bonucci gives the ball Karapetyan (incredible cross) as Italy spreads.

In fact, on the 29 & # 39; mark stretcher, punctual at launch as consummate director of Bonucci, 31 years The church hits the post and at 33 & # 39; he gives another assist to Immobile, which this time dribbles the goalkeeper and releases poker.

Before the interval, Immobile hits another post, imitated in the recovery from the church (for him there are two in one evening), but it is not over: at 64 ′, after formulation between Jorginho and Immobile, really arrives stone from Zaniolo for 5-0.

Crackling final: Romagnoli goes online at 72 ′, at 75 ′ it is string of Jorginho for Hovhannisian's foul on Ursu, and just the latter marks the debut when the stopwatch says 77 minutes.

Italy is never calm and at Jorginho's fault Babayan gives 79 ′ the only pleasure for the guests, then punished by The title of the church 81 & # 39 ;.

And for Roberto Mancini's Azzurri, it's apotheosis.

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Mancini's Italy is monstrous: incredible 9-1 to Armenia Source: Getty Images

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