Saturday , September 25 2021

Judge attacked, Gravina: "Stop violence: now an increase of penalties"

ROMA – "I was very impressed with the episode's violence. Today, I call Nicchi, for our part there is full accessibility and support for this shameful business which, unfortunately, with different dynamics and shapes has been repeated once more"Coni's President, Giovanni Malagò, condemned in this way the aggression that the young judge suffered Riccardo Bernardini after directing a game in Lazio amateur football league. "It is important to cultivate a 360 degree culture for all those who work in sports and soccer activities in particular – places the Italian sports director on the side of an event on cones because it is the most, if not unanimous, characterized by these episodes. I say this to the whole community: managers, coaches, athletes, fans and even family members".

GRAVINA – "Suffice enough, just negotiate the passion of these guys who just want to be in the field and find themselves paying for their body a moment of madness"So the president of FIGC, Gabriele Gravina, at a press conference in Viminale about the recent case of violence on a arbitrator in the amateur championship. "all – added – They must know that anyone who is concerned with an arbitrator must pay for punishment that may go as far as removal. We do not want these people in our world anymore"The subject will be discussed in the next Figc Council.

nicchi – "Today, the zero point has come, from here we have to start a clean, correct football. A very serious episode has happened. A boy who is still not good is in the hospital. It's time to change page. The Italian Judges Association does not accept and no longer accepts to send our children to the massacre – is the meaning of Marcello Nicchi -. We have never been in strike and we will never do it – has argued again with reference to what happened in an amateur league in Lazio -. We do not want to go to the extreme relationship not to send the judges to the fields. It's about fierce violence that is not acceptable – he finished It is not possible for a young man to stop distinguishing himself for this risk".

SALVINI – "I reduce the landings and break down the Casamonica villas, but I can not be quiet if every day there are so many guys at risk – instead said the Interior Minister Matteo Salvini -. We are facing an education situation and I want the Italians to know: I refuse to consider the idea of ​​militarizing football plans, but today we change: those who make mistakes pay and will make it heavy. I applaud the initiative to cancel the championships in the Lazio region, this will be the last signal. I will do everything possible to get discipline, rules, order, respect, good education and punishment on football plans: all the elements for education and civic opinion, but in the meantime we must severely punish the criminals who beat the judges. I did not think there were any football plans to defend – emphasized Salvini -. The numbers need to make us reflect, we talk about hundreds of attacks every year and entry to the emergency room for boys who have a passion. An animal and unauthorized violence as for 75% of cases comes from members and not from fans, an absolute unacceptable and unacceptable. We will defend football plans and judges' health".

GIORGETTI – "What happened is unfortunately not an isolated episode. Yesterday a young judge, Riccardo, was attacked and fought for a campaign. He lost consciousness, went to the emergency room, recovered and now it is happily better. But these episodes are not isolated – yesterday's words, to Tiki Taka, from the prime minister to the Council of Ministers of the Council of Ministers, delegated to the sport, Giancarlo Giorgetti -. After the news, I called Nicchi and I got quite scary feedback about what's happening on our football plans. It is clear that we can not send police and carabinieri to all football plans, of all categories. This is a problem with sports culture – explained Giorgetti -. These things happen on hundreds of fields throughout Italy. This is not acceptable, and even the example of professional players is often not so impeccable. These young judges, volunteers, do so to ensure the performance of the matches in all categories"Southampton supporter and fascinated by British football stressed Giorgetti:"In my experience of participating in soccer and English arenas, I had no public order issues. And anyone, athlete or coach, who has experienced English football back in Italy with a wealth of important sports culture. We have many steps forward to do, but what shocked me is that this level of violence is also lowered in youth leagues. What kind of example are our young people growing up? I do not know what you can do, you can certainly contribute the example that is important to the kids. Then there are obviously criminals and these are unchangeable".

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