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Extractions Lotto Superenalotto November 27: Results, odds, combinations


Lotto SuperEnalotto (FILIPPO MONTEFORTE / AFP / Getty Images)

Check Live Lotto Drawings with the results of winning combinations of your game at today's SuperEnalotto on Tuesday, November 27th.

First weekend with the pursuit of Jackpot the SuperEnalotto. The prize money is worth tonight 69.1 million euros. It is about first highest winnings of Europe, the third highest in the world. There are no winners from June or five months. The figure today is one of the highest ever in the Sisal game and aims to enter the top ten. Who knows if today someone will be able to break Ambitious jackpot. But there is also room for Lotto and 10 and Lotto.

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Also on Saturday, November 24, two beautiful games were made for these two games: in the traditional game, Genazzano, in the province of Rome, a quartet of 117,750,000 euros was achieved. The second win of Sant & # 39; Angelo Lodigiano, Lodi, where the enthusiast in the game won about 50 600 euros. For the 10th Lottery, the highest winnings were instead a € 9,000 worth of Randazzo, Catania. Meanwhile, the waiting time of 82 in Florence is hot: the number is absent from 195 drawings.

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LIVE Extraction Lot Tuesday 27 November 2018

BARI 78 61 3 90 80
CAGLIARI 36 35 15 34 77
FLORENCE 7 53 5 81 86
GENOA 30 21 81 26 82
MILAN 63 21 55 90 77
NAPLES 12 79 6 24 52
PALERMO 40 23 82 21
ROM 27 30 11 51 4
TURIN 44 7 82 83 90
VENICE 38 35 36 65 8

NATIONAL 66 9 74 62 11

Extractions Superenalotto 27 November Direct

WINNUMMER: 6 12 15 30 31 89
Jolly number: 37
SuperStar number: 85

10th and Lotto: evening sessions 27th November 2018

The winning numbers of 10 and Lotto:

3 5 7 12 15
21 23 27 30 35
36 38 40 44 53
61 63 78 79 81

Gold number 78
Double Gold 78 61

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Item 6: NO
5+ points: NO
Score 5: 6 total euro: 27 405.22
Score 4: 997 total euro: 167.54
Points 3: 28 877 total Euro: 17.44
Score 2: 365,276 Total Euro: 5.00

6SB points: NO
Score 5 + SB: NO
5SS points: NO
Score 4SS: 5 Sum of Euro: 16,754.00
3SS points: 79 total euro: 1,744.00
Score 2SS: 1,355 Total Euro: 100.00
1SS points: 7.892 total euro: 10.00
0SS points: 15,926 total Euro: 5.00

Instant winnings: 12,080 total Euro: 302,000.00
The prize pool available for the next 6 euros: 70,000,000.00

How SuperEnalotto extraction takes place

Where the SuperEnalotto draw takes place

The SuperEnalotto drawings take place in Rome, at the historic headquarters of the state monopoly of Piazza Mastai, under the supervision of a ministerial commission as follows:

  • Commission for the recovery of state monopoly operations
  • Sisal Extraction Commission;
  • Sisal Technical Coordinator;
  • A member of the Codacons Observatory;
  • Representatives of Guardia di Finanza.

extraction phases

The recovery process can be summarized in 7 main steps:

Technical checks and tests.

Technical checks and testsat 18:30 The extraction machine's technical staff checks that the machines intended for recovery work properly and report the results of the control to the monitoring committees.

Opening of the video-controlled security.

Video surveillance secure openingInside the box there are four cases, each containing 90 spheres; You remain in the safe, in the reserve and the other three are drawn for the draw. The first case is intended for the recovery of the winning Sestin + Jolly's, while the other is for the extraction of the SuperStar. The third case is placed in the checkout as a reserve.

Authorization to perform the extraction

Authorization to perform the extractionKl. 19:30 – In a separate meeting place, Determinazione Giocate Vincenti Commission will record the actors on DVD and store them in a safe. When the operation is complete, permission is allowed to continue with the extraction.


extractionHours 20:00 – We then proceed to the extraction with automatic urns, and the number required by the game is extracted in sequence, validated by the current commissions.

Communication of extraction results

Communication result extraction "width =" 80pxThe winning combination is communicated with the relevant jackpot value. We can consider the part that applies to the recovery process completed, now we are waiting for the publication of the results.

Determination of winning bets

Determination of winning gamesWinning Play Determination and Game Control Commission launches the software that compares the combination drawn with all the combinations being played. In this way, the number and odds of the winning bets are determined.

Notice of quotas and number of winners

Message of odds and number of winners "width =" 80pxQuotas and winners are communicated, and the balls used for the extraction are placed in the special cases, which in turn are returned to the checkout.

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