Monday , September 28 2020
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Crowd of "sardines" in Modena


In Modena 7 thousand people to flash-mob against populism. At the same time, Salvini met 400 followers at dinner


Bis of the & # 39; sardines & # 39; in the Piazza Grande in Modena where thousands of people, in conjunction with the visit of the city's legal manager Matteo Salvini, gathered with umbrellas despite the pouring rain to get a peaceful form of protest, which went on stage under the municipality's windows and in front of the famous Torre della Ghirlandina, Unesco heritage and city symbol. The song "Bella Ciao" repeated what was seen last Thursday in Bologna, where Piazza Maggiore was crowded with people in connection with the mega event at Paladozza where league leader Matteo Salvini officially started the campaign for the regional election of Northern League candidate, Lucia Bergonzoni. "They don't know how to do these things. They look at us all over Italy and Europe." Thus, the promoters of the anti-populist sardine flash mob in Modena are promoting the public. An estimated 7,000 people are expected. "When we used to war, Salvini joined us. Thank goodness someone woke up," insists the animators as Bella Ciao continues to sing. While Piazza Grande was in the city center filled with the "sardine" initiative, Salvini met with supporters of the league in the evening for a dinner in the suburbs of Modena. "I'm happy if the left shows signs of life, then it will be even more beautiful," commented the league secretary. I'm just sorry they are in tow: they walk the streets after Salvini. I saw that they will be in Florence on November 30. .. ".

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