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Casa Trenta, the military prosecutor's office is investigating: the process for the house was decided in two days


everything happened in a few hours last September. While leaving the post of Minister of Defense Elisabetta Trenta, her husband Claudio Passarelli transferred to a new position and asked for the assignment of the service company where the couple had already lived for five months. A practice perfect a month later with the final attribution. on this procedure, the military prosecutor has now decided to conduct investigations. But the real risk may come from the criminal magistrates. For about a month – on the complaint from the General Staff – an investigation has been started on all the soldiers who remain in the defense apartments without having the needs. And therefore, the various passages marking this matter must also be verified only to determine whether abuse has been made. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the 5-star movement has sent an explicit message in line with what Luigi Di Maio has already said: Trenta leaves the house and has received a new question for her husband. If he's right, he'll get it.

Request for accommodation

To understand what has happened, we must go back to setting up the Lega M5S government on June 1, 2018. Trenta goes to the Department of Defense when she lived with her husband in the Pigneto district. The house was not suitable for holding private meetings, he said two days ago in an interview with our newspaper and also emphasized the lack of security. In fact, the neighbors explain how the whole area was under video surveillance, but the transfer can still be justified because it is responsible for a heavy department. And so on April 19, 2019, the couple enters the new 180 square meter house a few hundred meters from Piazza San Giovanni in Laterano: four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a double room, kitchen with terrace, parking space and basement.

Mission to husband

On September 5, 2019, the government resigns, Trenta remains without a mandate. But as he explained in the interview, my life had changed, now I have meetings, reports. He obviously decides he does not want to return to Pigneto. On September 6, Major Passarelli, who, according to her, had been terminated due to my husband becoming Field Assistant to General Nicol Falsaperna, had Trenta appointed Secretary-General of Defense and National Arms Director a year earlier, exactly on September 14, 2018. Just a few hours after having received the new job, Passarelli deposits the request for the allocation of the home where the two already live. The positive response comes in mid-October. The exercise was closed. all right, I'm not leaving, Trenta says now.

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