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Antibiotic resistance has become an emergency for public health which is worrying in Italy and requires a prompt response.
On November 18, the Venetian region also participates in the European antibiotic day for a conscious use of these drugs. We still can do a lot to stop the increase in resistance, starting with the use of antibiotics only under strict medical indication.

The latest study of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) highlights the severity of the situation: over 200,000 infections from resistant bacteria per year throughout Europe, prolongation of hospital visits, increased health costs and, above all, an increase in mortality.

The spread of antibiotic resistance is favored by excessive and inappropriate use of these drugs, both in human and veterinary medicine. As a result, the number of difficult-to-treat infections increases, against which we do not have adequate pharmacological weapons. Scientific research aimed at identifying new antibiotics can not follow the bacterial ability to develop new forms of resistance. In order to stop this phenomenon, it is therefore necessary and urgent to act in the root of the problem, through a more careful and careful use of antibiotics. Only in this way will we be able to preserve the efficacy of these drugs which is a valuable resource and in recent decades have saved many lives from premature death.

Each citizen can do a lot to help fight antibiotic resistance, just use them when absolutely necessary and according to the doctor's instructions. Antibiotics are not effective against common viral diseases like colds and flu: in these cases their intake is not only meaningless but also harmful, as it favors the development of resistant bacteria and changes the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.

To raise awareness among the population and health workers about this problem, the European antibiotic day, promoted by ECDC, and the worldwide antibiotic awareness week, organized jointly by the WHO, are held every year in mid-November. , FAO and the World Health Organization (OIE).

For a few years, the Veneto region has recognized high priority for the antibiotic resistance problem: it actually promotes policies for the correct use of antibiotics, monitors the use of them, coordinates the monitoring of infections due to resistant microorganisms and control activities. in the food and veterinary supply chain. Regarding the control of veterinary medicine, the Veneto region, as part of the activation of the electronic recipe, has promoted a widespread information campaign on the use of the new electronic tool, mandatory from 01/01/2019, which will enable tracing the use of antibiotics in animals intended for food production and pets.
The Regional Prevention Plan 2014-2019 contains an ad hoc line in the work on this issue. In addition, the region from 2017 is actively involved in the implementation of the National Contrast Plan against 2017-2020 Anti-Cyber-Resistance.

To learn more:
• https://www.regione.veneto.it/web/sanita/antimicrobico-resistenza

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