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ArcelorMittal: searches and seizures in Taranto and Milan – Chronicle


Searches and seizures of the financial guard are ongoing in Arcelor Mittal's Taranto office of the financial guard. The intervention was ordered by a delegation from the Public Prosecutor's Office in Taranto as part of the investigation initiated after the complaint by the former Ilva Commissioners in extraordinary administration.
The military from the economic finance police unit in Guardia di Finanza in Milan makes acquisitions at Milan's office in ArcelorMittal, via Brenta, in connection with the investigation of Milan's prosecutor for diversion of assets from bankruptcy.

In addition to the informative advice, that is to say incorrect messages to the market, in Milan's investigation of farewell from ArcelorMittal to Ilva, prosecutors are contesting the crime of distraction of bankruptcy assets. Investigators today also hear witnesses in the investigation and documents are also acquired by investigators. Currently, the file is charged with the hypothesis of a crime to unknown persons.

Among the accounting documents that GDF from Taranto acquires in offices at ArcelorMittal steel mills, when delegating power of attorney, there are those that relate to the purchase of raw materials and sales of finished products, given the large losses reported by the multinational company compared to commission management. The investigation is coordinated by the prosecutor in Taranto, Carlo Maria Capristo, with the addition of Maurizio Carbone and the prosecutor Mariano Buccoliero.

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