Tuesday , August 16 2022

Alarm at the ECB, so Italian economy can not last long – Economy


"The commission is always relatively open to allow higher public spending in terms of supply-oriented reforms, but nothing is happening in that direction. There are only higher costs at stake, which has led to risk premiums which, in my opinion, no national economy can maintain long ". The head of ECB economist Peter Praet said in an interview with tomorrow's Handelsblatt, to answer a question about Italy.

"The current financing conditions in Italy are too tight for a country with weak growth and low inflation," continued Praet. "Italy needs supply-oriented reforms to improve low productivity" according to the ECB's chief economist.

Visco, in Brussels there are no bureaucrats of the people's enemies "The markets are useful if they work well" and "Our responsibility is to attend Brussels where there are no hostile bureaucrats." This was noted by the governor of Italy's bank, Ignazio Visco, today in Florence at the Young Factor meeting, promoted by permanent observatory youth publishers, where he participates with the heads of Germany's central banks, Jens Weidmann and Holland, Klaas Knot. "The rules must be applied well, in a mutually dependent world, each of us is weak if it's only," says Visco, according to which "Europe is in a difficult moment" and "there has been a loss of trust and c is a search on national roads. "However," these doubts stemming from the fear of the future, this mistrust must be combated at the level of economics because it is at stake the monetary stability that allows the economy to grow. "


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