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55,000 letters from Revenue Agency to claim VAT

After consulting and cross-checking the electronic billing information, Revenue Agency – Collection have sent 55 thousand letters to taxpayers who have not regulated their position iva during the set times. The notice also specifies the criteria that are given to companies, professionals and self-employed persons in order to be organized. In detail, the recipients of these 55,000 letters are companies, professionals and self-employed people who have issued invoices in digital XML format without presenting the communication to periodic VAT payment for the first and second quarters of 2019 and therefore in principle without paying VAT.

55,000 letters from Revenue Agency to claim VAT

With these letters, Inland Revenue intends to request spontaneous repentance by the taxpayer and invites him to present the message by April 30 – the deadline for the annual VAT return – pay the penalties for omitted shipping and any VAT due, always with penalties and interest.

the discounts will be more consistent for those who repent first. The benefit to the taxpayer who spontaneously follows "compliance" with the tax authorities (in fact, it is the spontaneous fulfillment of the taxpayer) is, in fact, to receive a discount on the amount of the fines applied, which becomes larger the earlier you activate the tax. according to the rules for active conversion.

Fisco aims to close this year with about one million and 800,000 letters to invite taxpayers to follow the VAT. There are different types of repentance and the penalties, as mentioned, can also be reduced. Expected revenues are EUR 1.5 billion. From January 2020, receipt data and electronic receipts will also be available to everyone. In July last year, the obligation for merchants and merchants with a turnover of over 400 thousand euros had been discharged.

Received a letter from the Revenue Agency for 700,000 Italians

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