Wednesday , May 18 2022

The river destroyed some of the highway 90 near the Dead Sea


Some of them are 90 years old and have a good character.

A major highway near the Dead Sea was closed for traffic in both directions Friday night after some of the road collapsed due to heavy flooding.

On Saturday, November 10, The Times of Israel reports.

It is noted that a particularly strong rain in the southern part of the country.

Photos and videos published on social networks showed that Highway 90 near the Kidron River was split half after a large portion of the sidewalk collapsed a few feet in the ground.

Currently an emergency repair is being carried out.

In a statement, the police warned that other parts of the highway 90 might collapse due to river flows, which urges drivers to exercise extra caution when driving in the area.

Additionally, four tourists have been lost in the rocky rake Nahal And in East Jerusalem.

According to the newspaper, travelers were in a cave because of severe floods.

One of them fell and became a bit injured. His friends responded quickly and called for help. In the result, the victim was evacuated by helicopter to the hospital.

The rest of the tourists were also taken from the reserve.

It is expected that the rain will continue throughout the weekend in southern and eastern Israel.

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