Tuesday , August 9 2022

Right-wing Israel team mocks wheelchair-bound colleague as "Half A Human" – Forward


JERUSALEM (JTA) – Likud Party lawmaker Oren Hazan is on fire to call a disability attorney "half human" during a Knesset debate.

Ilan Gilon from the Liberal Opposition Meretz Party criticized Minister of Culture Miri Regev during a heated debate on Monday on a bill that would hold back government funding to cultural organizations showing insufficient "loyalty" to the state. Hazan ran to Regev's defense and the legislators exchanged words.

After Gilon called Hazan "Golem of Prague" – an anthropomorphic essence of clay and given life – Hazan threatened the disabled legislator to say, "If you were not half a person, I would answer you."

Gilon had polio as a child and often used a wheelchair.

Hazan later apologized and said he did not take a jab on the legislator's disability.

"My comments referred to his barbaric behavior, and not anything else. If my statements were understood, it was not my intention. Please accept my apology," said Hazan.

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