Friday , June 25 2021

Residents prohibit the entry of a truck to Gaza

Residents prohibit the entry of a truck to Gaza

Extremist Israeli settlers on Sunday banned the entry of dozens of trucks loaded with base goods and fuel to the Gaza Strip through the border crossing of Karm Abu Salem, Israel's most outlaw with Israel, said WAFA correspondent.

He said dozens of settlers blocked the highway that led to the crossroads of Karm Abu Salem, which prevented access to trucks loaded with goods, foodstuffs, fuel, cooking gas and building materials for Gaza.

Hundreds of lorries still await the Palestinian side of the border crossing pending truck traffic coming from the Israeli side, but for no benefit at the moment.

Drivers of trucks on the Palestinian side are reportedly blaring the horns of their trucks in protest against the settlements of the settlers.

Karm Abu Salem is the only cross-border cross-border Gaza that is intended for posts of poorly needed humanitarian objects such as food, fuel, gas and cement to the densely populated coastal plains. Its closure means further worsening of the humanitarian crisis stemming from Israel's 12-year blockade of Gaza.


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