Tuesday , July 27 2021

Italy's populist coalition refrains from anti-vaccination status among the mothers' emergency "

"They are crazy," former center-left Prime Minister Matteo Renzi wrote on Twitter this week after another eight cases appeared in Bari, in the southern Puglia region.

"They must refrain from their" no-wax "attitude. Science is right, they are wrong."

one midwife working at a hospital in central Italy was dismissed this week after refusing vaccinations.

The decision to dismiss her was behind Roberto Burioni, a leading vaccination expert.

"A healthcare staff who refuses vaccinations is not only an inexplicable ignoramus, but also close to criminals.

"The presence of an unvaccinated person in a ward where pregnant women are born is like lighting a match in a petrol station."

In the UK there has been a similar debate about the need for vaccinations, where the proportion of children with MMR immunization falls for the fourth consecutive year.

The proportion of children under two receiving the MMR jab is now down to 91.2%.

It has led to an abuse of measles in England, with almost 900 cases confirmed this year – triple numbers were detected last year.

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