Saturday , July 2 2022

Israel's army to create a "smart base" worth $ 1.36 billion – Xinhua


JERUSALEM, November 5 (Xinhua) – Israel's military technology and telecommunications units will move to a new association at Ben-Gurion University (BGU) to the south, with an investment of over 5 billion new dollars ($ 1.36 billion), the Department of Defense and the university said Monday.

The Ministry signed an agreement with the "Shikun & Binui" infrastructure company for the construction of the association, which is expected to work within five years.

The association is planned to be built in the high-tech park "Gave Yam" next to the university, located in the city of Beer Sheva.

Due to the strategic location of the new base next to the university, the Israeli government will allocate another 55 million new shekels to upgrade the university's infrastructure.

The additional amount will also be used to recruit academic staff and students and prepare them for high-tech professions to prepare the soldier's transfer to the south.

The entities that will be transferred include data management and communications department at IDF's General Headquarters, Israel Air Force Technology Unit and South Command's Headquarters. More than 5,000 soldiers are expected to earn in the new base.

The new project will be built as a "smart base" with innovative planning, architectural design, advanced infrastructure and energy efficiency.

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