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Berkovitch says Leon's support "a result of backroom agreement"


Ofer Berkovitch predicts victory

Ofer Berkovitch predicts victory

Eliran Aharon

Dispensing rival Moshe Leon on Wednesday as an "without public legitimacy", Jerusalem mayor Ofer Berkovitch predicted victory in next week's run-out for the city's best job.

Moshe Leon will meet Ofer Berkovitch in a November 13 round, after no one had received 40% support in the October elections to win directly.

"We will win on Tuesday. We will win from below, we will defeat wheeler dealers, we will win because the Jerusalemites understand what their politicians may not understand," said Berkovitch at a press conference.

Referring to the many agreements signed by Leon with Jerusalem's leading leaders in serving his claims, Berkovitch said he enjoyed the support of Jerusalem's rank and file. "All [Leon’s] voters are a major political agreement, and he has no public legitimacy to lead Jerusalem, "Berkovitch claims.

Leon had earned the approval of both Shas and Degel Hatorah haredi parties. As haredim constitutes 40% of Jerusalem, it is very difficult to win elections throughout the country without its support.

Leon, a close trust for both Liberman and Shas leader Aryeh Deri, has been dogged by allegations that the defense minister offered to let go of opposition to a law that allows Yeshiva students to avoid the IDF draft in exchange for supporting Leon .

Berkovitch also blasted Jerusalem's Jewish home campaign leader Hagit Moshe to support Leon. "Hagit Moshe made political and not moral considerations and seized this partnership, this alliance of religious Zionism with general Zionism," he said.

"If I am chosen, I will not only oppose religious Zionism, I see them as Allies to maintain Jerusalem's Zionist character," Berkovitch said, warning that "religious Zionism could lose the city of Jerusalem and such a thing will come Remember for eternity.

Even though the Jewish home was supposed to support Berkovitch, Moshe announced earlier this week that the religious-Zionist party should support Leon instead. Leon was also approved on Tuesday by outgoing mayor Nir Barkat.

"From my close acquaintance with the two candidates and my work with the couple, I have no doubt that Moshe Lion is the best choice for Jerusalem," says Barkat.

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