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"Walking Dead: Andrew Lincoln (& # 39; Rick Grimes & # 39;) Desert Fighting, Explained


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Too many Walking dead viewers, the answer to the mystery of Andrew Lincoln's withdrawal is bitterly sweet. It's bitter, because the franchise's face still leaves the flagship series … but sweet because he's still actively involved in the universe, as AMC plots a film trilogy centered at one time and future Rick Grimes continued adventure.

"Andy loves the show and loves to do the show, but making the show had only some practical difficulties in England," says chief content officer Scott M. Gimple Hollywood Reporter about the reasons for Lincolns Walking dead transition. "Rick Grimes is a fantastic character and he has done a fantastic achievement and there were history ideas brewing which, as the years continued, seemed highly compatible with continuing to tell the Rick story in another format that would allow him time."

It is a sweet relief for those who were not yet ready to share with Rick Grimes – but for some Walking dead fans, bitterness is still the dominant flavor. In its latest story, the AMC zombie drama has come under fire to perform misdirections that feel less like smart plot twists and more like active trolling. The two most famous examples are centered on the same character: Glenn Rhee, the original cast played by Steven Yeun, who was killed in the seventh season of the show … almost an entire season after his fake fall.

For those who need refreshment: Glenn appeared to die in Season Sixth episode, "Thanks", an episode that served as a true love letter to the beloved character. Towards the end of the hour, Nicholas (Michael Traynor) killed himself and fell on Glenn, which led to both bodies stumbling into a lot of hungry hikers. The final episode of Glenn's episode was a flight view, which seemed to have eaten alive, intestinal intestines and everything.

For the three closest episodes, Glenn was assumed to death, largely due to the series's own efforts to discourage viewers through tactics, including scratching Steven Yeun's name from the opening devices. Fast-rolling up to season sixth-sixth, "Head's Up", where it finally reveals Glenn crawled under the dumps and survived its fate – an incident later known as "Dumpstergate", dubbed by those who predicted Glenn's survival method and was frustrated by wrong attempts.

"I do not think this is any kind of new instance that broke the rules for our show at all," said Gimple THR At that time, the Glenn story critic and the backlash that followed. "I think it's very much in line with everything we've done before. I do not think there's a credibility issue. There seems to be a growing part of the difference between the people watching the show and those who write about the show. there's no wrong way to look at it, nobody does something wrong. I get many different messages that are diametrically opposed. "

Frustration around the dump event increased further due to Yeun's possible exit from the show, one as someone within the reach of an arm Walking dead Comic book readers saw coming: the infamous brain-bashing in the hands of the Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Again, Glenn's fate was left in balance for an unnecessarily long period of time; In the series, Negan makes his arrival and kills Glenn all within the same number, while the AMC alignment stretched out the moment for more than six months that excelled the season six final and the season seven premiere. Glenn's actual death episode, for what's worth, had the second largest audience ever, with values ​​falling at an alarming rate since then.

Against this background, where is public opinion on the way Andrew Lincoln left Walking dead series by helicopter, to just reproduce its role in a record of upcoming movie games. After months and months of fans, will largely take care of the obvious inevitability of Ricks downfall?

The reactions have and will continue to vary because the audience continues to process the plot twist. In addition to Twitter samplings (which is predictable throughout the map from overwhelmingly positive to overwhelming negative) and other active online corners Walking dead fandom ("I do not know what to say right now. Hype Rick's last episode is just to not kill him and then announce this? Feel like I'll be excited, but I feel AMC took an AMC on me for 100: one time in a row ", a user wrote on Reddit), there is a more concrete response: Talking dead audience who responded with silence when Gimple revealed plans for the series AMC Studios films centered on Rick Grimes.

For what's worth, the news of Lincoln's departure broke late last spring, a development that ran Walking dead powers in the incomprehensible place to either ignore the reports (as they did to Comic-Con) or address them at the risk of creating expectations. For his part, Lincoln would have preferred to pull off the move without any detection from the phenomenon at all.

"I did not want it to feel like a death tour," said Lincoln and weighing in on the expectations of his withdrawal from the series, especially after revealing his forthcoming departure to Comic-Con in July. "That's why I was quite concerned that it would not be revealed [in advance], so people could experience it in real time [and go], & # 39; what the hell? & # 39; "

"There was a lot of discussion in one way or another," adds showrunner Angela Kang, speaking with Hollywood Reporter The week before Lincoln's exit episode aired. "Andy really wanted people to follow the story, but of course leakage leaks. It's the way it is." We roll the situations when they unfold. The choice was sort of taken out of our hands. "

As a creative mind that has built a path to Lincoln's transition from Walking dead The series leads to the movie front, Gimple hopes that Rick's final appearance on the show (at least for now, all involved parties insist Lincoln will not return to the TV series despite Rick's survival) will not be received as an example of baiting and switching.

"I hope it's not treated like a cliff hanger," he says. "It's a promise of a more story, but I suppose cliffhangers are generally seen in a certain way. I imagine how far the story went, there would be people who loved it and people who hated it. I do not hope for it later , but I'm just literally thinking about every entertainment that comes out now, that's what's happening. Something is something unusual or different in some way. [treatment]. I hope people will be happy that the character is not dead and there is more history to come – [but] not on The Walking Dead, not on the TV server. I think it's a very important thing the viewers should know, because maybe it's something people will be like "hi, wait … what's up here?" "

"Every big move we do on the show, there are some people who will not be happy with it," says Kang, "but I think there will be hope there will be many fans who are happy that his story continues have had talks with Scott and Andy over time – as for a long time – about what goes into [feature film] universe … so we tried to chart a way the story was left open to him to switch to these other stories and hopefully more stories forward. And we only concentrated on trying to tell the best version of what we could in the episode. "

Fans who got into Lincoln's last episode waiting for his character, and therefore feel fooled by his survival, should note that the reasons Gimple, Kang and even Lincoln gave for the actor's departure in recent months were all true all the time: it was really a personal thing, since Lincoln could no longer spend months and months of his life at a time in Atlanta from his family, based in England. Here is the part that was left of everything that talked: Lincoln was more than happy to continue playing Rick, albeit in a more limited and focused capacity.

"Realistically, I could not give the time [to the series], says Lincoln. "It's all about time, this decision. And because I just want to do a limited number of episodes a year, I would not feel I did my job properly, just because of what kind of gig this part has been so comprehensive. I think I'd be frustrated with it. So the idea of ​​being able to keep the story and still work as hard and tell another story maybe a more expansive storytelling way seemed very exciting to me. "

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