Friday , August 12 2022

Sterling kicks the field, winning the most farcical punishment ever


What would you have done if you were Raheem Sterling?

As he lay down on the Shakhtar Donetsk goal, the English winger looked confused about what he would do next time. He guessed himself, as he often does in these cases, and stopped kicking the Etihad Stadium tower and stumbling up.

The Shakhtar defender closed him at the time, but there was still clear daylight between the couple. Shakhtar goalkeeper Andriy Pyatov had left his line and spread in preparation for the shot.

But even from a camera over 50 meters away from all this, it turned out to everyone that Sterling was responsible for its own decline. His clumsy had cost him the chance.

It was not how the referee saw it. He was about 15 meters behind Sterling when all this happened and he blew his whistle to award the penalty. He probably thought that Sterling had been triggered by the tracker.

He was placed directly behind Sterling, but there was a possibility that his field of vision was blocked. A man who has no apology, however, is the third official behind the goals. He looked directly at the English man, but again, as is often the case with these boys, he decided not to use his power.

He held his mouth close, Gabriel Jesus tapped the punishment, and City is now looking home and creaking.

What a father it was.

Pyatov could not help laughing at all, there was no point in doing anything else.

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