Wednesday , May 18 2022

Possible new WhatsApp feature would make life much more peaceful


Even thinking about this gives us a sense of zen.

Reports indicate that WhatsApp is working to introduce something called Vacation Mode for its users, which would interfere with all group messages.

Now maybe that sounds good, but it's not all. Currently, users can manually turn off group chats, but chats are still displayed at the top of the list of conversations when new messages are sent. Which is worthless, because it means you can not enjoy the conversations you want without being bothered by joining the group chat.

Similarly, while you may not get push messages, you still have the annoying red dot in the corner of the app's icon. Taunting you. Dare to read all the messages you'd rather ignore.

Instead of Vacation Mode, all messages sent to the muted group chats are automatically archived, so you can check them at any time in the future when you're less stressed. Or, you never know. It's never good too.

The feature was first labeled by WABetaInfo, and draws closer to completion, but there is no launch date yet.

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