Wednesday , June 16 2021

Michael D is reinstalled with the right warmth and ceremony

A happy event. A little like matching the nation with replacement windows to keep the draft for another seven years.

On this occasion everything was done under light.

This unusual evening setting made for a special atmosphere in Dublin Castle, with wagon lights burning on the yard and chandeliers sparkling in St Patrick's Hall. The introduction of Michael D Higgins was a thoughtful but pleasing affair, which one can expect in the confirmation of a much-loved national figure in a role that the country says is very good to do.

After the ceremony, the newly returned President Higgins applauded as he left the hall. In his second speech of the day, he had delivered another completely sentenced address to the people of Ireland.

He speaks for us.

Listen to the chat and look at the continuation of some other president, we are very lucky to have him.

Right man for a second term, without other thoughts.

Being inaugurated for a second term as president, with an overwhelming mandate from the people of Ireland, is a great honor, said Taoiseach. "By representing us with distinction, he has made a distinction in our country."

"A real republic requires a broad embrace," explained the newly elected president, who set up to do just that in a vast address gathered in almost everything. Fortunately, he sat in the special white squirrel "opening seat" with sweeping arms, "extended and welcoming arms", reflecting the president's ambassador role.

Higgins did not seem to be a first timer at work, but was more relaxed than he was seven years ago. However, he was a little ahead of him while swearing his office statement in the presence of Frank Clarke, Chief Justice. At the time honoring your sword, the former president would repeat every line that the judge expressed.

Not exactly.

Chief Justice: "In Presence of the Almighty God"

Elected: "I, Michael D Higgins."

That's what winning makes for people. This little sliding up was the biggest laugh of the night.

St Patrick's Hall looked magnificent, with Army Band above the minstrell's gallery and the gilded chairs laid out to match the gilded columns. The wall lights were inflated in the presidential blue and all that was needed to push a president back to action was released on Tuesday in preparation for the arrival of the VIP Party.

Pat and Joan Freeman arrive before the president's opening ceremony at Dublin Castle on Sunday. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

Pat and Joan Freeman arrive before the president's opening ceremony at Dublin Castle on Sunday. Photograph Nick Bradshaw

But first, the audience.

"The President's guests at the inauguration ceremony are children and adults from all walks of life" revealed the information package.

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