Friday , July 30 2021

Glastonbury has just confirmed the first official headliner and it's a good one

Who is excited?

Whether it's Stormzy Scholarship, to win the Ivor Novello Prize, release its autobiography get up and launch a publication print with Penguin Books or now this, a headline at Glastonbury 2019, #Merky rapper definitely kills it.

He also goes out with Maya Jama, which has to be nice. It must be nice.

There has not been any official announcement yet, but a poster appeared in the window at an Oxfam store in Streatham, which announced "The Big Man with a Beard" as the first headliner, according to independence.

NME has also confirmed the news and reiterates that Oxfam has strong charity ties to the festival.

An employee at Oxfam's shop confirmed to The Independent that the poster was genuine and that they had been asked to place it inside the window of the store's management.

Stormzy will be the first grime artist to headline the iconic festival, and deserved so, given the success of his 2017 debut Signposts and prayers and the cultural and social impact he has had, even outside of music.

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