Friday , August 12 2022

Garda was found guilty of having pictures of children in sex acts


Joseph O'Connor had allegedly guilty of the allegations. Photo: Collins Courts
Joseph O'Connor had allegedly guilty of the allegations. Photo: Collins Courts

A jury has sentenced a garda to have pictures and videos of children exposed to sexual acts.

Joseph O'Connor (58), in West Dublin, had not been convicted of the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for five bills of having child pornography in his home on the date between July 30 and August 2, 2011.

During a search in his home, gardai seized other allegations of a laptop and found videos in his "trash" showing boys under 10 years exposed to sexual acts.

Two video-depicted boys under 17 are exposed to sexual acts with a man.

There were also several copies of 16 pictures of children exposed sexually or subjected to sexual acts.


After a little over two hours of deliberations, the jury returned unanimously guilty judgments on four points.

O & # 39; Connor was released by a number of 56 duplicates of two images. However, he found guilty to have the original images found in a computer folder called "Spanked Boys".

He was also convicted of having 15 explicit children's video clips and holding 56 pics and 42 video clips of children exposed to explicit sexual acts and 41 images of children exposed to sexual status.

Paul Carroll SC, defendant, said that O & # 39; Connor was a long-term curtain and had been suspended because these issues arose.

He asked for time for his client to be able to collect reports for the ruling.

Judge Elma Sheahan remanded O & # 25; Connor on the continued sponsorship until next Monday.

After his arrest, O & # 39; Connor Gardai told me he had never seen the material before saying someone else must have downloaded the files.

He said he believed that a man named Patryk Farrell, who came to his home for six days before the laptop was seized, had damaged his computer.

The final state case, Alice Fawsitt SC told the jury that there were no signs of any virus on the laptop and no evidence of anything happening that weekend before it was seized.

Carroll said his client told gardai that hundreds of men had returned to their home for six and that one of them could freely use their laptop.

Counsel said that the day after they met for six at O'Connor's home, Farrell told Connor, telling him that he was murdered and that he should curse and "destroy" him.

O & # 39; Connor went to gardai to report that Mr. Farrell had stolen his Garda ID, handcuffs and money from his home.


Under legal arguments in the absence of the jury, the court heard that Gardai went to O & # 39; Connor's Home in August 2011 to investigate allegations of abuse by Farrell.

They grabbed the laptop in connection with this survey and then found the illegal images on it.

The jury was told that Farrell's allegations were forwarded to the Garda Ombudsman, but Farrell did not cooperate with this investigation and it was released.

The jury also learned that a survey by inspector Colm Fox, who since then, found that there was no reason for allegations of false imprisonment, rape or sexual abuse.

In his report, Insp Fox said that the injuries claimed by Farrell, who have since died, were consequences of sexual acts.

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