Tuesday , July 27 2021

Call for the Garda Public Transport Division as Irish Rail Workers "Attacked With Snooker Balls In Socks"

The National Bus and Railway Union requires a dedicated Garda public transport department.

The union has renewed calls to the division on the back of increased anti-social behavior.

Figures received by RTÉ Today with the Sean Rourke show have been 573 reports of anti-social behavior and 11 attacks on Irish railroad personnel until September 9 this year.

NBRU Secretary General Dermot Leary said in a statement that: "The NBRU has in recent years campaigned for a special division for Garda Public Transport in response to the increase of social and social behavior and serious abuse of staff and commuters.

"During the last few months, we have called on both the Minister for Transport and Justice to undertake to set up a special unit in An Gardaí. The answer has so far been words of comfort and understanding.

"As encouraging as these words can be, they simply do not go far enough to deal with the top staff working over our public transport."

Dave Fitzsimmons, a Dublin bus driver, told Sean Rourke today that he had been sprayed and told him to "be" and add that "enough is enough".

Mr Fitzsimmons said that he was spraying in the eye by a cyclist, pointing out that other road users also proved to be a threat.

"I was spotted in the eye from a cyclist and it is the most degradative thing that has happened to be personal.

It felt like a blow in your face, to be honest with you. It has really hit my confidence.

Meanwhile Darren (whose surname was held) is an Irish-rail ticket checker that patronizes DART stations.

"We had a serious event at the beginning of the year." (With) My colleague, we attacked with snooker balls in stockings, "Darren said.

"My colleague experienced a poor brain injury and was treated at Beaumont Hospital.

"I've hunted the platform with knives and sticks."

Both men said they often get verbal abuse with Mr. Fitzsimmons who says, "I have been called all the words under the sun.

"And you just have to sit there and take it, unfortunately. Because you have to be the bigger person.

"But you should not have to be the bigger person because you should not resort to that type of language and that kind of scary at regular intervals."

You can listen to the full interview on today with Sean R & Reke below.

Meanwhile, Fianna Fáil spokesman on transport Robert Troy has urged Trasport minister Shane Ross to address the anti-social behavior of public transport immediately.

"Both Irish railroad workers and passengers are regularly worried and uncomfortable by ruthless behavior. Arguments, brawls, weapons carriers and general wrecking of the wagons are all common occurrences," said Mr Troy

"There are workers who are stunned when they start their shift every day and there are passengers who avoid public transport at all costs as a result.

"Minister Ross must take urgent action for Irish railroad staff and passengers. He has to engage with Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan on this issue to discuss and coordinate an answer to these attacks."

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