Friday , July 1 2022

Uh oh! Maria Ozawa Kapok Comes To Indonesia: Okezone Celebrity


JAKARTA – The former hot model Maria Ozawa knew he had a problem when visiting Indonesia last week. The woman who was known as Miyabi, had to be detained for several hours at the immigration agency, Denpasar, Bali.

Unpleasant actions received by Miyabi, famous for his belief that he was working in Bali in early November yesterday.

He had actually explained that his arrival to Bali was to attend his best friend's birthday party, Barbie Nouva.

Needed to hold a passport, Denpasar Immigration reportedly also requested a phone number and a photo together. He considered it something that made Miyabi angry.

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"Actually, I had talked from the beginning and explained all conditions. What was unfortunate was not a process problem, but their way. The way they had on the passport." If the procedure was the first letter that both parties had agreed. "Both of us have separated. Without friends, our fellow friends will not be treated, "says Barbie Nouva, Miyabi's best friend, when he met in Mampang, southern Jakarta on 11/12/2018.

"After being treated, the interview could not cause English to speak English, so the process took a long time. There must be a translator. Know why this is not his country, he will obey the regulations," he continued.

After the event, Nouva stated that his friend had learned to come back to Indonesia. He was even reported to have taken legal action by bringing the consulate to the immigration office.

"Kapok. He said he would not come to Indonesia. Just come to Manila for your birthday party," he said.

"I still do not know the legal details, but I heard he reported to the embassy. So the consulate has come to immigration to clarify," he said.


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