Tuesday , August 16 2022

The best all Varian Samsung A5 prize in 2018, is also used!


Merdeka.com – As the largest smartphone provider in the world, Samsung released many smartphone products for different segments. Samsung itself is a technical company that carries out various aspects. For the mobile department, Samsung is called "Samsung Galaxy." The Samsung Galaxy consists of smartphones, tablets, tablets and smartwatches.

The Samsung Galaxy exclusively works with Google's Android operating system, and uses the interface page made by Samsung itself, which is Samsung Experience or TouchWiz. But on the CES 2016 technology in Las Vegas, Samsung broke the tradition of Android by producing the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S with the Windows 10 software.

Unlike its main rival, Apple, which only produces premium branded smartphones, Samsung actually penetrates the smartphone market in almost all segments. Famous for its flagship in the S and Obs lines, Samsung also produces several smartphones for the upper middle and the underclass in row A and line J.

In addition to the above lines, there are also other other features like Galaxy Nexus, Neo Active Galaxy, Galaxy W, Alpha Galaxy, Galaxy Camera, Galaxy Player and many others.

The Samsung Galaxy also released the Galaxy Book, which is a 2-in-1 laptop or a lighter laptop with a removable screen. Just like Galaxy Tab Pro, a Windows-based Galaxy Book 10. Samsung also released non-reflection cameras in the Samsung Galaxy NX Series Despite Competition The world of mirrors is quite strict.

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