Friday , July 1 2022

Starman and Tesla spacecraft have passed Planet Mars


RAKYATKU.COM – The Starman doll, wearing an astronaut suit and riding an electric car at Tesla Roadster, has traveled a long way in the last nine months. It is known that it has crossed the planet Mars.

The racket maker, SpaceX, is the party that launched Starman and Roadster who announced it. SpaceX announces that this item has passed the March banana on Saturday (11/11/2018).

Starman is designed to be the driver of Tesla Roadster. This car has many cameras and sensors. The point is to monitor the condition of the car and its long journey in space.

The electricity is taken from solar panels provided on Roadster. When Starman and Tesla Roadster were launched in February last year, this car was informed about playing the Bowies Space Oddity song repeatedly.

Starman and Tesla Roadster were loaded on the first mission of SpaceX's Falcon Heavy rocket launch in February 2018. He is now circling in space in the Winter Street solar system.

Starman and Roadster travel can be tracked on, a site created by Ben Pearson, founder of Old Ham Media.

Based on a spacecraft modeling study, study writers Starman and Roadster predict within a few hundred thousand kilometers of the earth in 2091.

Starman is likely to be close to Venus or Earth over the next several tens of millions of years.

Chances are that 6 percent for Starman and Roadster will reach the ground in the next 1 million years, and 2.5 percent are likely to reach Venus. Cited by

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