Friday , November 27 2020

Revealed! This causes Lautaro Martinez Arg when it’s replaced


Lautaro Martinez finally opened his voice regarding his anger when he was withdrawn in the match against Genoa. Here is the explanation for the Inter Milan player!

Inter Milan beat Genoa 2-0 at Luigi Ferraris in the sixth giornata in Serie A, Sunday (20/10/2020) early in the morning. In this match, Lautaro Martinez appeared as a start.

After 71 minutes, Lautaro Martinez sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. He got a yellow card in the 40th minute and coach Antonio Conte replaced him with Andrea Pinamonti in the second half.

Lautaro Martinez then thundered on the bench after repairing his teammates. There were three strokes of Lautaro Martinez where he sat.

The Argentine striker explained it and did not say he was angry at Conte’s decision to withdraw. Lautaro Martinez actually lost to himself.

“I was angry at myself for not playing the game I expected. The anger came out of me, but today I am happy and ready for tomorrow,” said Lautaro Martinez, quoted by Football Italia.

“I thank the fans for all their affection. The same goes for everyone who works for the club and who has always been close to me,” he continued.

Lautaro Martinez previously scored three goals in his first three games for the Nerazzurri. The goals were scored against Fiorentina, Benevento and Lazio.

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