Saturday , December 5 2020

Oops, NASA experienced the Bennu Asteroid test leak

OSIRIS-REx spacecraft. (NASA) – NASA has successfully landed the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx on the Bennu Asteroid to collect dust and rock samples. It turns out that the assignment carried out this week did not go smoothly.

On Friday (20/10/2020), the space agency USA (USA) managed to collect a large particle sample from an asteroid traveling near Earth.

However, due to the collection of too many samples, the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has a leak.

The team responsible for the mission is now trying to save the remaining samples, which will be sent back to Earth for analysis.

Most of the samples collected were lost, “Dante Lauretta, Assignment Officer, was quoted as saying in a conference call Science warning, Monday (20/10/2020).


OSIRIS-REx returns to Earth in September 2023 and scientists hope that the spacecraft will carry the largest samples taken from space since the Apollo era that will help unravel the origins of the solar system.

According to Lauretta, the probe is estimated to have collected about 400 grams of the fragments, much more than the minimum requirement of 60 grams.

Researchers suspect that the collector cover at the end of the probe arm where the fragments were stored was easily pinched by the larger stone and caused leakage.

As a result, plans for mass measurements were suspended on Saturday due to the risk of a more serious leak.

Asteroid Bennu. [Jpl/NASA/gov]
Asteroid Bennu. [Jpl/NASA/gov]

OSIRIS-REx now has the task of reducing as much activity as possible and preparing to store materials in available capsules as quickly as possible.

The exact volume of the leak is not yet known, but experts are pretty sure that OSIRIS-REx will not lose its valuable treasure.

It is the leak experienced by the spacecraft OSIRIS-REx assigned by NASA to take samples from the asteroid Bennu.

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