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Often tired of waking up? How to fix it

RAKYATKU.COM – Sleep is a way, so the body rests and renews for tomorrow. But sometimes when you wake up in the morning, your body still feels tired despite sleeping for 8 hours. Why did this happen?

Quote from huffingtonpost.com reported by the doctor, the body feeling tired after waking may be caused by several things. Dr. Michael Decker, doctoral student, professor and sleep specialist at Case Western School of Nursing said that there are several things that can cause these conditions, namely:

Stress and depression are one of the main causes of fatigue in the body even after adequate sleep. As the body falls asleep, the brain continues to think so that the body feels tired. Even if a person can sleep properly, he must not cool down sleep that makes him tired when he wakes up.

Lack of nutrition
Do not investigate nutrition for the body. If the body's nutrients are not properly filled, the body's organs may not work optimally, making the body easily tired, including after waking.

Drink alcohol
Drinking alcohol does not always make you sleep better. In fact, drinking alcohol just makes you sleep well at the beginning of sleep. The rest can you wake up more often in the middle of the night because of the effects of alcohol. In addition, if you consume too much alcohol, you may feel headache due to motion sickness in the morning.

Take some medicines
Dr. Breus, a sleep specialist said that taking several analgesics and anti-depressants could make your body get tired after waking up. In addition to medicines for heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes can also cause restless thoughts and difficulty sleeping.

sleep disturbance
Sleep apnea is one of sleep disturbances that is characterized by breathing for a moment while sleeping and it can happen several times. Sleep apnea causes the brain to not get enough oxygen to make it difficult for the body to rest well.

For those who often feel tired after waking up, there are several ways you can do to overcome this, namely:
Relax your body before you lay down
Can be done by taking a hot bath before bed to make the body muscles relax and consume tea or hot drinks before bedtime.

Reduce the use of gadgets on the bed
Radiation from gadgets can interfere with your body's circadian rhythm or biological clock. Place the gadget from the bed to sleep better and reduce the radiation.

Turn off the lights to sleep well
Sleeping in a switched off can cause the body to work continuously because some hormones in the body are sensitive to light.

Sleep at the same time
By making a regular sleep schedule, the body can know when it's time to work and when it's time to rest.

If you have done different methods but still often tired after waking, contact your doctor for further treatment.

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