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Never Duet and be a close friend of Maia Estianty, Beber Jane Arrangement Nature of Irwan Mussry


Never Duet and be a close friend of Maia Estianty, Beber Jane Arrangement Nature of Irwan Mussry
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Tata also praised Irwan's proximity with Maias children from a previous marriage with Ahmad Dhani.

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News of the second marriage Maia Estianty and a wealthy businessman, Irwan Danny Mussry, are still hotly discussed. After closing their relationship with the media, the couple finally officially had a marriage contract at a mosque in Tokyo.

Maias happiness re-established a domestic relationship also known by her system Janeeta. As a partner duet and a close friend of Maia, Tata expressed her happy feelings. Tata, who claimed he had met Irwan, revealed the character of the entrepreneur.

"To me, I do not really know about it. It's very close. But I've met Mas Irwan," said Tata when he met

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in the number of captains Tendean on Wednesday (11/7). "He said that if we briefly spoke, he had talked to him, he was

nice person

Yes, he is a good person. He suppressed him


With what he has with who he is, he is very much


, Really good


deh. He does not feel arrogant. We all know who he is. "

Tata also stated that Irwan had given her praise. As a result of the celebration, the singer "The Teaser" felt highly honored. Tata also mentioned that Irwan gave him great support to always be a successful singer.

After holding a marriage contract in Tokyo, Maia was rumored to have a reception in Jakarta. Unfortunately, Tata claims he was not invited. Not disappointed, Mehdi Zati's wife called Maia's wish to hold a reception that only her closest family attended.

"No (at the front desk). It seems that only one close family is present at the mother's wedding. And it's really closed to the family as I know," explained Tata. "Anyway, what's best for my mother to be happy, all Indonesian people are also happy for mother's marriage."

Tata also commented on the proximity of Maia children from her marriage to Ahmad Dhani with Iran According to him, a plus for Irwan who was close to his grandchildren. "It's also a plus for the mother. Happy is being able to see children close to their new men." Yes, thank God, "concluded Tata.

Earlier, Tata also said about his enthusiastic response when he learned about Maias wedding. This 36-year-old woman even performed.