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Hexana Tri Sasongko Replace Asmawi Syam as Jiwasraba's CEO


Hexana Tri Sasongko Replace Asmawi Syam as Jiwasrays President-General
Pedestrians crossed the PT Asuransi Jiwasraya logo, in Jakarta, Friday (10/12/2018). – JIBI / Dedi Gunawan, JAKARTA – The Ministry of BUMN has appointed Hexana Tri Sasongko as chairman of PT Asuransi Jiwasraya (Persero), who replaces Asmawi Syam, Monday, 11/05/2018.

This was confirmed by Hexana when it was confirmed business on monday (5/11/2018). The appointment is based on Ministerial Council's No. 286 / MBU / 11/20208. Hexana has served as Jiwasraya Investment and Information Technology Director since May 2018.

Hexana confirmed that she had been officially appointed as Jiwasraba's CEO. But this meeting was effective after going through appropriate and correct test performed by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). "Yes, but it's effective after appropriate and correct test by OJK, "he said.

Previously, the occupation of President of Jiwasraya was occupied by Asmawi Syam since May 2018 or for 5 months to replace Muhammad Zamkhani. Prior to moving to Jiwasraya, Asmawi PT led Indonesia's credit insurance (Askrindo) and BRI Bank.

Asmawi said that after serving as CEO of Jiwasraya, he decided to be temporarily inactive in the insurance industry. "While I'm going to rest first," he said.

Jiwasraya Insurance is focusing on the issue of delaying payment of a maturity policy totaling Rp802 billion to a number of partners Bancassurance. For this event, the Financial Services Authority (OJK) reminded the state-owned company to pay attention to the implementation of governance, risk management and cautiousness in investing using technology.

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